Helping and Linking Verb Printables – CC Cycle 1

Hello! Long time no post!! Life has been very busy around here.

17th Street Blessings - Helping & Linking Verb Printable - Free - Cycle 1

But I came up with this little helper for the English New Grammar for Cycle 1 of Classical Conversations. It is all the words printed on one sheet, with the CC definition at the top. I laminated mine and will tape them on my dry erase board during those weeks (be careful with tape on your dry erase board, mine is fine, but I’ve heard some will peel the finish off). I have this set of Expo Highlighter type markers, that I will highlight the words for that current week. They are really bright!

You can download these on CC Connected, username allie8302.

Or just click

17th Street Blessings – Helping Verbs Free Printable

17th Street Blessings – Linking Verbs Free Printable.


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Pat Catan’s – A+ Education Savings Program

Last night I was at Pat Catan’s shopping for some art supplies for my kiddos. I saw a sign for a teacher educator card, and I was pleased to see homeschoolers included with classroom teachers, college professors and administrators on the list!

To qualify, you need an ID (driver’s licence), pay stub or letter from the school district.

The young cashier said, “You are a homeschool mom?”


“Do you have a pay stub?”

Ahhh, no, I don’t get paid (to which she seemed very surprised!). I wanted to ask her who she thought paid me, but she was being very nice, and I didn’t want to appear rude (but seriously, who would pay me??).

But I did have my teacher library card, my Classical Conversations Office Max card, and an unofficial ID made available for our CC community by Drobny Studio. She called the manager and he said that was fine, so I filled out the application and I used the card on that transaction.

Now, Ohio Superintendents do issue a letter of excusal for homeschool families each year when we notify, but not all states have this law. Many states require nothing from parents (oh to be in a green state, alas Ohio is orange) so I’m not sure what ‘proof’ the store would require. I’m sure showing up at Pat Catan’s with your kiddos at 10 AM on a Wednesday would do the trick. I would wager a guess that most store managers are uninformed of homeschol laws, so if you are in a ‘green’ state, or your children are below the age of compulsory attendance, you might have to do some explaining. The ladies at my store were very nice.

Here is the info for the card, it is similar to the regular Pat Catan’s card, except it doesn’t cost $20 and it does not require any renewals.

Pat Catan's A+ Education Savings Program - 17th Street Blessings

I’m still chuckling… a pay stub… hahaha….

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Marking Up My Guide – Cycle 1

17th Street Blessings - Marking Up My Guide - Cycle 1Summer is coming to a close, and I’m starting to really gear up to start Cycle 1. The first step for me is putting notes in my Foundations Guide. I have the 4th Edition, so I am not updating any of the New Grammar, just putting cross references in for the science and fine art portions. These are two of the 30 minute portions of each community day. As a substitute tutor, I find these notes very helpful!

Note: If you have a 3rd edition Guide, and want to update it, here is a pdf.

First thing I did was go through weeks 1-6 and 13-18 and put a post it with the week # on that page in the VanCleave’s Science Experiments book. Just as an FYI, the Guide lists Experiment numbers, not page numbers. So the experiment for week 1, #45, is on page 26 in the VanCleave’s book.

These notes are going under “Activities” on each week where the new grammar is listed. This starts at page 45 for Cycle 1.

You can also print a list- Guide Additons C1.

Week 1-
Science- VanCleave’s page 26
Fine Art- page 153

Week 2-
Science- VanCleave’s page 30 & 31
Fine Art- page 153

Week 3-
Science- VanCleave’s page 32
Fine Art- page 153

Week 4-
Science- VanCleave’s page 34
Fine Art- page 154

Week 5-
Science- VanCleave’s page 35
Fine Art- page 154

Week 6-
Science- VanCleave’s page 36
Fine Art- page 154

Week 7-
Science Project- page 139
Tin Whistle- page 158

Week 8-
Science Project- page 139
Tin Whistle- page 161

Week 9-
Science Project- page 139-140
Tin Whistle- page 164

Week 10-
Science Project- page 139
Tin Whistle- page 168

Week 11-
Science Project- page 139-140
Tin Whistle- page 171

Week 12-
Science Project- page 139
Tin Whistle- page 173

Week 13-
Science Experiment- VanCleave’s page 68 & 69
Great Artists- page 183 (Great Artist’s page  12)

Week 14-
Science Experiment- VanCleave’s page 70
Great Artists- page 183 (Great Artist’s page 14)

Week 15-
Science Experiment- VanCleave’s page 71
Great Artists- page 183 (Great Artist’s page  16)

Week 16-
Science Experiment- VanCleave’s page 72 & 73
Great Artists- page 183 (Great Artist’s page  22)

Week 17-
Science Experiment- VanCleave’s page 76
Great Artists- page 183 (Great Artist’s page  24-25)

Week 18-
Science Experiment- VanCleave’s page 77
Great Artists- page 183 (Great Artist’s page 26)

Week 19-
Science Project – page 141
Orchestra- page 186

Week 20-
Science Project – page 141
Orchestra- page 186

Week 21-
Science Project – page 141
Orchestra- page 186

Week 22-
Science Project – page 141
Orchestra- page 186

Week 23-
Science Project – page 141
Orchestra- page 187

Week 24-
Science Project – page 141
Orchestra- page 187

Other notes:

Page 133 has optional scripture memory for Cycle 1, Exodus 20:1-17

Page 138 has a Scientific Experiment Lab Sheet.

Starting on page 175 are tips for the Tin Whistle.

Pages 199-200 have a matchup for the weekly history sentences to the Acts & Facts Timeline Cards for Cycle 1.

Memory Master proof sheets for Cycle 1 are on pages 205-208.

Maps for Cycle 1 (for new grammar each week) are on pages 216-217 blackline and 222-225 color.

*If you find any errors, please leave me a note! All these numbers, my fingers are bound to get mixed up somewhere.

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Timeline Card Storage

There are MANY ways to store your timeline cards, from just wrapping a rubber band around them and throwing them in a shoebox, to fancy page protectors and binders, or punching holes in them at putting them on a ring (GASP!). I wanted more structure and longevity than a shoebox, but less cost (and slippery-ness) than the page protectors with binders. And really, I *CAN’T* handle the thought of punching holes in them (though it really seems to work for some)!

And here is the real thing- these cards are wonderful and sturdy and I want my kids to really, really  use them. I don’t want them to be something that is so precious we are afraid to touch them. But they need to last another ten years!

So here is my solution- a 6.5 qt Hefty Solutions tub from Walmart that costs $2.78! Now, here is the catch. I *wish* I could give you a link to buy this tub online, it is only in stores at Walmart. Amazon has them in a pack of eight for $68.49 (yikes, $8.56 each, and you need 7 friends to go in!).

So after you have your bin, here is how I organized mine.

Timeline Card Storage - 17th Street BlessingsI have not yet purchased any of the art cards, or the scientist cards. I do have all the Acts & Facts (Timeline) cards and all three cycles of science cards. I do think that the others will fit, and I will purchase them as our budget allows.

Now the dividers are just cut down manila folders. Here is a template, I used the cards themselves to see how big each divider should be.

Timeline Card Storage - 17th Street Blessings

I put all the ‘cover’ cards that come with each set in the very back. Now if you have a Walmart nearby that carries this tub, you are golden!

Timeline Card Storage - 17th Street Blessings

How do you store your Timeline cards!?

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CC Connected – Cycle 1

I have had several people ask me what I am using on CC Connected this year. I am going to keep a running list here of usernames and file names, with a brief description.

If you would like your own “Download Log” here is a *FREE* printable: CCC Download Log

To see what math songs I am using, check out this post.

English Grammar Songs
Username: marykbry
File names:
Weeks 1-12: C1 Preposition definition & list
Weeks 13-20: C1 Helping verbs 5
Weeks 21-24: C1 wk 21-24 linking verbs 3

Blackline/Color Coded Maps for Flip Book
Username: kdhill02
File Names: PDF 4×6 blackline map color coded and PDF 4×6 Blackline Map Color Coded. One says weeks 1-12 and the other says weeks 13-24.

These went with Melody’s new grammar pages. It is a wonderful resource I can keep with us, and it really has saved a ton of wear on my Foundations Guide.

New Grammar Flipbook-
User name: melodystroud
File name: Cycle 1 Flip Chart with Skip Counting – Good

I found two 4″x6″ photo albums on clearance at Target for $.30! Then printed these and put them in as if they were pictures. I put the new grammar on the top then the maps on the bottom. The photo book holds 24 pictures, so I will need a two total for the year. User “keppel” also has some flipbook files that include Bible, and are organized by subject instead of week.

Username: timjenross
File Names:
Memory Master Timeline Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master Science Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master Math Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master Latin Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master History Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master Geography Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master English Flashcards C1PDF

These are very similar to the little color coded cards you can buy from CC for $35.

History Sentence Cards
Username: mingorn
File Name: History Cards–All Weeks

Do not put anything in the “Cycle”, and what will come up is a Word doc with a link to a dropbox file. Then you can download from there.

Latin Declension Flashcards & Handmotions
Username: TammyOostdyk
File Names:
1st Declension flashcards
2nd Declension Flashcards
latin 3rd declension flashcards
latin-4th-declension flashcards
latin-5th declension flashcards
Remembering the Declensions

These look great! Latin hits the kids hard in Chalenge A, so we will be doing some prep work! 

Latin Printables-
These can be found from Suzanne Shares. I need to check out the ones from CC Connected and these, see which we prefer. I love having choices!!

Science Grammar Hand Motions
Username: KnoxFamily
File Name: Science motions/props_4thEd.

History Print Tracing Pages
Username: aperezjordan
File Name: C1_HistoryTracingPgs

I will add these to my daughters CC notebook to complete one each week.

Geography Cards
One2One Blog- Geography Cards
So far she has weeks 1-12 for Cycle 1, last year I printed two sets, and we used them for go fish, old maid and memory. I think it helps to associate a picture with the place also, especially since cycle 1 places are so far away (time and distance!).

More Coming Soon!

Cursive Copywork – Exodus 20:1-17 KJV

This year the suggested Bible memory work for Classical Conversations, Cycle 1 is Exodus 20:1-17.

I stumbled upon a really nice workbook for cursive writing so I decided to buy it rather than make my own. This book was created by Trisha Gilkerson from Intoxicated On Life, she is a homeschool mom. It uses D’Nealian Cursive.

The book is set up to be used over a whole school year. Each week you will spend the first 3 days copying the passage, next day looking up definitions then you will dictate the passage to your student. This format will not quite fit Lego Man, as he is not ready for dictation. I plan on just taking our time, moving through the book, and having him practice his cursive while writing out God’s Word.

They have many other passages and several versions of the Bible. We have chosen the KJV. I purchased my copy on Amazon.

The only change I did make to the book, is I took it to Office Max and had the edge spiral bound. It cost about $5 and now the book will lay flat, which I think will make it easier to write in.

Note: The Amazon links are my affiliate links, if you use that link, I receive a small commission, Thanks!! I purchased my own copy of Write Through the Bible, and did not receive any compensation for this review.

Cycle 1 Copywork, Exodus 20:1-17, 17th Street Blessings

Interested in print copywork? Check out my free printable.

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Print Copywork – Exodus 20:1-17 KJV

This year the suggested Bible memory work for Classical Conversations, Cycle 1 is Exodus 20:1-17.

I looked around on CC Connected for print copywork for Princess. This will be her third year of CC, and at 6, I feel like it is a good time to start requiring more handwriting practice from her. I didn’t really find what I was looking for on CC Connected, so I made my own.

You can download it here:

Exodus Copywork

Or it is on CC Connected under the username allie8302.

Copywork, Cycle 1, Exodus 20:1-17, 17th Street Blessings


Interested in cursive copywork? Check out my review.

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