Swagbucks – Earn Money Online

17th Street BlessingsSo here are some hints and tips to earning Swagbucks!

If you have not signed up, here is my referral link- www.swagbucks.com/refer/allie8302

Every day there are a few things you can do to earn Swagbucks:

-Print coupons! These are the same coupons that are available on Coupons.com. If you print them though Swagbucks, you get ten bucks for each coupon you redeem. It takes several weeks to come back but eventually they do.

-Explore the “Daily Deals.” If you are going to buy a Groupon or deal from Living Social, go through Swagbucks and you can earn bonus bucks!

-Download the toolbar (click Discover on the top of the Swagbucks homepage, then Extension). Each day when you open your browser 1 buck!

-On the left side of the home page do the “NOSO” 2 bucks and the “Daily Poll” 1 buck every day!

-Install Swagbucks search engine plugin. This will make Swagbucks an option when doing a quick search in the upper right corner of your browser window. Other search engines will still be available. The plugin can be found at this link.

-Watch “Swagbucks TV” and earn bucks. Watch the percentage meter. You will earn 10% for each video and when you reach 100% you earn 3 bucks. You can earn up to 150 bucks each day. If you have the toolbar you can watch TV through that.

-Hunt for codes, these pop up in different places and are usually time-sensitive. The should appear in the “Check for Swag Code” box on the toolbar. Just copy & paste (hit control+c to copy and control+v to paste).

-Watch the “cards” on the homepage. Offers pop up here, some require sensitive information, some are just to watch a short video or enter a contest.

-There is also a “Daily Goal.” Every day Swagbucks sets a goal for everyone. If you hit the goal you get a 10% bonus. If the goal is 70, then the bonus is 7 bucks. And if you get a certain number of days in a row, you get bonus’s for that to. They have a second goal now, it is usually quite a bit more. Bonus’s are awarded at the beginning of the month for the previous month.

-“Like” Swagbucks on Facebook. (Code hints will often appear in the status updates) You can also connect your Facebook profile to your Swagbucks account. This will post a message on your wall each time you earn Swagbucks or earn a prize!

-Complete Surveys under “Answer” then “Paid Surveys” on the homepage. Each time I qualify for a survey, I go back to the SB page and copy the survey number, that way if there is a problem with getting the bucks, you can contact customer service to see what happened. Also, often you can be disqualified from surveys, and for up to 5 each day you earn 1 buck each.

-Tell your friends! You can find you referral link on the left side with blue “Invite Friends” box. Copy & paste this to your Facebook profile or send it out in emails. You can earn 10% for life on each referral.

-You can also do “Tasks” under “Answer” on the homepage. Let me know if you figure how to earn bucks doing this, I haven’t!

On your birthday Swagbucks will email you with 50 bonus birthday bucks. Just click through the email to redeem!

-Under “Discover” on the homepage is an option “Special Offers.” There are often quick easy offers in this tab, it will take you to a page with six tabs (often referred to by short hand – TrialPlay is TP) where there are all sorts of offers, some are paid and some are free. There is a Facebook page “Offers That Credit” that can help with Special Offers. The people there will post if they find an offer that credits instantly, or has a special trick to get it to work.

-For websites you visit every day, if you take the step of searching for them instead of just typing them in or clicking a bookmark, you have the chance of winning Swagbucks.

-There is much more! Click around Swagbucks home page to see what offers you qualify for, or want to participate in. Some offers “require participation.” Make sure you read the fine print for these offers!

-Every Friday is Mega Swagbucks day. You have a greater chance of earning and the denominations are often higher when you search on Friday!

-Usually on Mondays, they will have Swag Code Hunt days where they release multiple codes throughout the day (and sometimes night!). These are usually announced on Facebook or in the Swagbucks blog.

-Also you can download the Swagbucks app. It will alert you when there is a code.

-There are six Swagbucks apps. SBTV, LifeStylzTV, EntertianNow, SportyTV, IndyMusic and MovieCl.ips. The key to these is to find a short video and then make it a “Favorite” by swiping left on the title (when you are looking at the list of clips). Then when you play that app, choose your favorites list, and it will play your short clips over and over.

You can check your earnings and referrals by clicking on your picture in the upper right corner then you can view your “Ledger” (list of what you have earned) and the “Referrals” are in there to.