PerkTV – Earn Amazon Gift Cards and More

PerkTV is a nifty way to have your device earn points that turn into gift cards for places like Amazon and Walmart.  It is an app you can download (Android or Apple) on your smart phone, iPod touch or tablet. Here is the help page, where you can see if your device will run Perk.

NOTE: One way to earn points is by helping friends sign up. So if you use my link, you will send some points my way, thank you!

So to get started click on THIS link. Once you download and install the app, and sign up for an account you will see a screen like this:

image (3)

I usually pick movie trailers, just out of habit. Then the screen will look like this:

image (4)Click play and let it “Perk” away!

When a clip has finished playing, it will count down to the next one and you will have a chance to rate the video, thumbs up or thumbs down.

image (2)You don’t have to babysit your devices, but it is a good idea to check in on them, and hit that thumbs up or down every once in a while. Perk has started a new pop up that says “Are you still watching?” and you need to click yes. Perk does not want devices running for hours and hours without any interaction (that is why it is a good idea to hit the thumbs up).

I have very little problems running this app on my iPod touch. If I notice it running a little slow, I will delete (uninstall) the app, and restart my device. Then reinstall the app, login and it will run like a champ again.

Once you have earned some points you can cash out for rewards. My favorites are the Amazon gift cards. 5,000 points is a $5 Amazon gift card and 10,000 is a $10 gift card. The reward screen looks like this:

imageOne other option to consider is switching to the low-bandwith option. The clips are not as clear, but they still look fine to me. This is supposed to help the device run smoother.

image6It is in the bottom of this screen shot, just swipe the circle over.

Another option to maximize Perk is to start a phone farm. This is a new idea to me, and there are two super helpful Facebook groups where you can learn lots (PerkTV Fanatics and Swaggernaut Social). I decided to buy two Kyocera Hydro‘s on Amazon. Right now (it may change) they are $34.98.

I bought these two Kyocera Hydro (aff link) phones and when they came I charged them up, turned them on then put them in airplane mode and manually turned on the wifi. Then I downloaded the PerkTV app and got running! I tripled my earnings! You can have up to 5 devices earning Perk at one time. They should earn about $1 a day, maybe a little less. So in five weeks tops, they will have paid me back and it will be all profit!

imageNow these Hydro’s do not earn quite as smoothly as my iPod, and I have never owned an Android device, so it might just be something I am missing. A few times a day I have to restart the app, but it is not a big deal to me. Buying more iPod Touch’s is just not cost efficient. And in less than a week I had $10 in my Amazon account and I am almost to my next cash out. I love my little phone farm! I might let it grow, since you can have up to five devices “Perking” away on one account. Do you have any experience earning money online?