PerkTV – Earn Amazon Gift Cards and More

PerkTV is a nifty way to have your device earn points that turn into gift cards for places like Amazon and Walmart.  It is an app you can download (Android or Apple) on your smart phone, iPod touch or tablet. Here is the help page, where you can see if your device will run Perk.

NOTE: One way to earn points is by helping friends sign up. So if you use my link, you will send some points my way, thank you!

So to get started click on THIS link. Once you download and install the app, and sign up for an account you will see a screen like this:

image (3)

I usually pick movie trailers, just out of habit. Then the screen will look like this:

image (4)Click play and let it “Perk” away!

When a clip has finished playing, it will count down to the next one and you will have a chance to rate the video, thumbs up or thumbs down.

image (2)You don’t have to babysit your devices, but it is a good idea to check in on them, and hit that thumbs up or down every once in a while. Perk has started a new pop up that says “Are you still watching?” and you need to click yes. Perk does not want devices running for hours and hours without any interaction (that is why it is a good idea to hit the thumbs up).

I have very little problems running this app on my iPod touch. If I notice it running a little slow, I will delete (uninstall) the app, and restart my device. Then reinstall the app, login and it will run like a champ again.

Once you have earned some points you can cash out for rewards. My favorites are the Amazon gift cards. 5,000 points is a $5 Amazon gift card and 10,000 is a $10 gift card. The reward screen looks like this:

imageOne other option to consider is switching to the low-bandwith option. The clips are not as clear, but they still look fine to me. This is supposed to help the device run smoother.

image6It is in the bottom of this screen shot, just swipe the circle over.

Another option to maximize Perk is to start a phone farm. This is a new idea to me, and there are two super helpful Facebook groups where you can learn lots (PerkTV Fanatics and Swaggernaut Social). I decided to buy two Kyocera Hydro‘s on Amazon. Right now (it may change) they are $34.98.

I bought these two Kyocera Hydro (aff link) phones and when they came I charged them up, turned them on then put them in airplane mode and manually turned on the wifi. Then I downloaded the PerkTV app and got running! I tripled my earnings! You can have up to 5 devices earning Perk at one time. They should earn about $1 a day, maybe a little less. So in five weeks tops, they will have paid me back and it will be all profit!

imageNow these Hydro’s do not earn quite as smoothly as my iPod, and I have never owned an Android device, so it might just be something I am missing. A few times a day I have to restart the app, but it is not a big deal to me. Buying more iPod Touch’s is just not cost efficient. And in less than a week I had $10 in my Amazon account and I am almost to my next cash out. I love my little phone farm! I might let it grow, since you can have up to five devices “Perking” away on one account. Do you have any experience earning money online?


My Favorite Things

Since Christmas is just around the corner (4 weeks!! Ah!) I thought I would put together a list of some of my favorite things I have bought or received. Some things make my life easier, some are organizational (perfect for this type-a girl!) and some for my kids.

All the links are for, you receive free shipping on most items when you spend $35 (the just raised it from $25, what a bummer!) and you I usually use gift cards earned through Swagbucks. I have earned $375 in gift cards in 2013! Amazon prices can change at any time!

Please note these are affiliate links, I receive a small commission if you purchase through my links, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and always honest! Thank you for supporting Couponing In Birdland!


This OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer was recommended by America’s Test Kitchen. I have not been unhappy with any recipe or product they recommend. It is on most Saturdays on PBS, I have my DVR set to record every episode! Unfortunately, their website is by subscription, and that is extra money we just don’t have. What I like about this slicer is that it will adjust to different thickness, what I don’t like about it is cleaning it, but I have never heard of a self-cleaning slicer! But I still enjoy the show every week! Right now it is $39.99.Check out these RSVP Endurance Spice Measuring Spoon Set. They are super skinny, so they will reach down into the spice containers! I am not sure who thought of this, but they are a genius! Dumping cinnamon into a 1/2 tsp is nearly impossible, but with these you can just put the spoon right down into the bottle.  They are heavy duty, I have had them for about a year, and they have held up great. Right now they are $13.95.

This one is a little pricy. I saved up for several months and it has been a great investment. My Excalibur Dehydrator has been wonderful for fruits, veggies, herbs, and we use it most for beef jerky. This is the 4 drawer model, and someday I might upgrade to the bigger 9 tray model. Right now it is $114.98

Next, a more economical gift idea, the Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer. This thing is so nifty! You just put whatever kind of oil you want (mine currently contains extra virgin olive oil) and pump a few times, then spray away!  I had been trying to be more “green” when I picked the Misto up a few years ago, and it has really stuck with me, I used it this morning when I made my kids muffins. Right now it is $10.21 on Amazon, but I believe I have seen it on the shelf with the pans & utensils at Giant Eagle (I think it was closer to $15).

Now, if you want to be impressive when going to a pot-luck, this is what you need! It is a Rachael Ray Expandable Lasagna Lugger. It has two pockets to hold 9″x13″ casserole dishes! (It does not come with any 9″x13″ pans) Or you can put one 9″x13″ dish in the bottom, and your spoon, recipe, topping, ect on the top. It would make a great wedding present! They also have it in Rachael’s color Orange. Currently it is $31.49.
Another America’s Test Kitchen recommendation was the RT600C Super-fast Digital Thermometer. This was the “economical” recommendation (this is the one they really recommend). I like the $19 on better! This works great, and i have had it for over two years and I think I have replaced the batteries 2 or 3 times (it takes the little button batteries, they are not cheap). The batteries and the fact that it doesn’t turn itself off are two drawbacks, but over all I have really enjoyed and used this product. I think two of the new batteries were required because I left it on! Sells for $19.
This is a product I just bought a few weeks ago, Infuser Water Bottle. I was SO surprised at how good the strawberry water was! I haven’t had a ton of time to play around with it yet, but I  have really liked it so far. I even used frozen strawberries and it was better than the fresh! Also, I like that they bottle is 27 oz, that is pretty big! It still fits in my cup holder. The only drawback I have found, when you drink all the water, it is a bit top heavy and will tip, but it doesn’t spill or leak, so sometimes i just set it upside down! Currently it is $15.39.

Do you have a collection of spice jars that pile up, get knocked over, or are just generally unorganized? When I found this organizer I was so excited! My spices had been the pit of my pantry!  The YouCopia Super SpiceStack is wonderful. It can hold the itty bitty (expensive!) McCormick bottles, or the big $.50 Spice Sensations bottles. And I have filled my first one, so I will be saving up for a second one. Currently it is $39. (I know that little picture says $54, but 24 bottle model is $39.)

This next one might just be me, but for the number of times I have loaned it out to friends, maybe not! The Cupcake Courier is a great tool for birthday parties. It holds 36 cupcakes (most hold 24) and if you make a cake that is tall, you can take out the trays and put it in there. Currently it is $36 for one shade of yellow and $49 for the other shade of yellow (really Amazon?).
If you have small kids (say under 10) you probably have a pile of Melissa & Doug products in your home. Several years ago my mom bought these sets for my kids for the kids for Christmas, and they play with them all the time. Any Melissa & Doug product is welcome in my home! They last, and the kids love them!

Do you have a golfer in your life? Check out the Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer. I bought this trunk organizer to replace the Sterlite bin in the back of my Dad’s van and he really liked it. It has compartments for shoes, balls, tees, and other golf-y things. Currently it is $31.99.

Oh where is my hairbrush?! (Just me, ok nevermind!) Next is a hair brush, but not just any hair brush. The Goody Quick Style Paddle Brush is a very cool brush. It helps dry your hair while you brush! And it actually works! I don’t use a hairdryer, I just let my hair dry on it’s own (my 4 year old is unimpressed when I do my hair!). I saw this in a magazine and couldn’t wait to try it out. Very cool! Currently it is $8.37.

This was a gift for my husband. We had one of those big tea makers, but he was the only one that drank it, and the pitcher got stained (and eventually smelly!). This 24 oz Takeya Tea Maker has been perfect. He can make his own cup, and none is wasted. The mesh on the filter is very delicate, and we have managed to be very careful with it and it hasn’t gotten any tears. The pitcher also comes clean and hasn’t retained any odors like the last one we had. Currently $19.99.

Next is a winter must-have Quirky Thor. I have gone through quite a few cheap scrapers since I started driving at sixteen. Last year, I found this one and it has been the best! It almost made me excited to see frost on my van (almost!). This is my second winter using it and I have been very pleased. The only drawback- I left it sitting on the floor of my van and my boy scraped up his ankle tripping over it. Now it lives way in the back or on the floor in the very front. Currently it is $20.37.

Ok, are you still with me?! Last one I promise! And this is a BIG one!  I saved and saved and asked for cash at Christmas and saved and saved for this one. My KitchenAid. Oh my mixer, if it is possible to love a kitchen appliance, I might just love my mixer. I did a ton of research before purchasing this mixer, most people have the Artisan Series, but I had a 5 qt Sunbeam stand mixer, and the bowl was just not big enough. So onto the 6 qt Pro-Series. Also in my research I discovered that the Artisan series have plastic gears, but when you upgrade to the Pro-6, you get all metal, and that appealed to me. Another difference is the top does not lean back, but the bowl goes up & down. No biggie to me, though that was one complaint I read. Alas, at our house now I do not have the counter space to display my mixer, BUT when we build on our land (hopefully this spring!) I will be able to leave it out on the counter. The biggest drawback (beside that it is expensive) is the thing is so heavy!

They also have two accessory kits (that will fit any KitchenAid mixer).  The KitchenAid Slicer/Shredder Attachment and the KitchenAid Fruit and Vegetable Strainer and Food Grinder. I have both, the Fruit & Vegetable strainer I use frequenly to make applesauce and jam or jelly. The Slicer/Shredder not so much, if you have a Food Processor it basically does the same thing, without lugging out the big mixer.


Is there anything on Amazon that I should add to my wish list for Christmas?