Draw Write Now! Matchups for Classical Conversations Cycle 2

Draw Write Now! Cycle 3 Matchups - 17th Street BlessingsIf you are a part of Classical Conversations, here is a fun add-on you can do at home with your kids!

This is no required, but my kids enjoy the books, so here we go! Cycle 2 has been hard, there are really no matching up the history sentences, but some of the science does correlate. I did my best, I put something for each week, of course feel free to mix it up, or let your student choose!

First you need to buy the books (or borrow them from your library if available).  The books do NOT build on each other (so you can do any book in any order) and they are only printing (no cursive) so I think they will be best for younger learners, probably 3rd grade and down.

 This is book one.

 This is book two.

This is book three.

This is book four.

This is book five.

This is book six.

This is book seven.

This is book eight.

These are the Amazon links for the books, you do not have to buy them from Amazon, I picked mine up at a convention. Also, these are my affiliate links, so if you purchase through them, 17th Street Blessings receives a small commission, thank you!

To open the match ups in Adobe click here:

Draw Write Now Cycle 2

And here it is in a list:

Week/Book #/Page #/Page Title

1           6                12              Woodlands

2          8               28             Africa

3          8               42             Australia

4         8               46             Europe & Asia

5          8               60             North & South America

6          6                14              Butterfly (the migrate)

7          4               12              Auroras

8         8               46-60      Mountain and Dessert

9          8               32-42      Grasslands

10        7                30-48     Northern Forests (Deciduous and Coniferous Forests)

11          5                56             Space Travel

12        7                10-26       Tropical Rain Forests

13        6                14              Grasslands

14        6                16              Shrub Lands (Scrublands)

15        6               18              Deserts

16        8               10              Giraffe

17         8               20             Cheetah

18        8               24             Ostrich

18        8               32             Horse

20       8               36             Armadillo

21        8               40             Pronghorn

22       8              50             Golden Eagle

23       8               55             Camel

24       8               58             Coyote

Draw Write Now! Cycle 3 Matchups - 17th Street Blessings


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