CC Connected Cycle 2

I have had several people ask me what I am using on CC Connected this year. I am going to keep a running list here of usernames and file names, with a brief description.

If you would like your own “Download Log” here is a *FREE* printable: CCC Download Log

To see what math songs I am using, check out this post.

Maps Lapbook
Username: tara504
File: Cycle 2 Geography Lapbook for All Weeks

Maps Notebooking
Username: tara504
File name: Cycle 2 Wks 1-24 Blackline Maps with Labels to Locate & Color

Geography Review Game:
Username: ReneeH
File names:
Geography Game weeks 1-6
Geography Game weeks 7-12 CORRECTED
Geography Game weeks 13-18
Geography Game weeks 19-24

Math Multiplication Songs:
Username: lbbcyouthpastor
File name: math w1- 2’s multiplication tables (then the number changes for each)

Geography “Stories”
Username: lmcgreger
File names:
C2 Wk 1-24 Geography Stories
C2 Wk 1-24 Clipart for Geography Stories

Weeekly Review Sheets:
Username: aaphotography
Filename: At-A-Glance Review Sheets All Weeks

History Copywork:
Username: aaphotography
Filename: Cycle 2 History Notebook A

Other Notebooking Pages:
Username: sheriellis
Filename: Link for Notebooking


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