Pat Catan’s – A+ Education Savings Program

Last night I was at Pat Catan’s shopping for some art supplies for my kiddos. I saw a sign for a teacher educator card, and I was pleased to see homeschoolers included with classroom teachers, college professors and administrators on the list!

To qualify, you need an ID (driver’s licence), pay stub or letter from the school district.

The young cashier said, “You are a homeschool mom?”


“Do you have a pay stub?”

Ahhh, no, I don’t get paid (to which she seemed very surprised!). I wanted to ask her who she thought paid me, but she was being very nice, and I didn’t want to appear rude (but seriously, who would pay me??).

But I did have my teacher library card, my Classical Conversations Office Max card, and an unofficial ID made available for our CC community by Drobny Studio. She called the manager and he said that was fine, so I filled out the application and I used the card on that transaction.

Now, Ohio Superintendents do issue a letter of excusal for homeschool families each year when we notify, but not all states have this law. Many states require nothing from parents (oh to be in a green state, alas Ohio is orange) so I’m not sure what ‘proof’ the store would require. I’m sure showing up at Pat Catan’s with your kiddos at 10 AM on a Wednesday would do the trick. I would wager a guess that most store managers are uninformed of homeschol laws, so if you are in a ‘green’ state, or your children are below the age of compulsory attendance, you might have to do some explaining. The ladies at my store were very nice.

Here is the info for the card, it is similar to the regular Pat Catan’s card, except it doesn’t cost $20 and it does not require any renewals.

Pat Catan's A+ Education Savings Program - 17th Street Blessings

I’m still chuckling… a pay stub… hahaha….

This post is featured on Running With Team Hogan’s October 2015 Classical Conversations Blog Carnival


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