Timeline Card Storage

There are MANY ways to store your timeline cards, from just wrapping a rubber band around them and throwing them in a shoebox, to fancy page protectors and binders, or punching holes in them at putting them on a ring (GASP!). I wanted more structure and longevity than a shoebox, but less cost (and slippery-ness) than the page protectors with binders. And really, I *CAN’T* handle the thought of punching holes in them (though it really seems to work for some)!

And here is the real thing- these cards are wonderful and sturdy and I want my kids to really, really  use them. I don’t want them to be something that is so precious we are afraid to touch them. But they need to last another ten years!

So here is my solution- a 6.5 qt Hefty Solutions tub from Walmart that costs $2.78! Now, here is the catch. I *wish* I could give you a link to buy this tub online, it is only in stores at Walmart. Amazon has them in a pack of eight for $68.49 (yikes, $8.56 each, and you need 7 friends to go in!).

So after you have your bin, here is how I organized mine.

Timeline Card Storage - 17th Street BlessingsI have not yet purchased any of the art cards, or the scientist cards. I do have all the Acts & Facts (Timeline) cards and all three cycles of science cards. I do think that the others will fit, and I will purchase them as our budget allows.

Now the dividers are just cut down manila folders. Here is a template, I used the cards themselves to see how big each divider should be.

Timeline Card Storage - 17th Street Blessings

I put all the ‘cover’ cards that come with each set in the very back. Now if you have a Walmart nearby that carries this tub, you are golden!

Timeline Card Storage - 17th Street Blessings

How do you store your Timeline cards!?

Featured on the September CC Blog Carnival at Running With Team Hogan.




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