CC Connected – Cycle 1

I have had several people ask me what I am using on CC Connected this year. I am going to keep a running list here of usernames and file names, with a brief description.

If you would like your own “Download Log” here is a *FREE* printable: CCC Download Log

To see what math songs I am using, check out this post.

English Grammar Songs
Username: marykbry
File names:
Weeks 1-12: C1 Preposition definition & list
Weeks 13-20: C1 Helping verbs 5
Weeks 21-24: C1 wk 21-24 linking verbs 3

Blackline/Color Coded Maps for Flip Book
Username: kdhill02
File Names: PDF 4×6 blackline map color coded and PDF 4×6 Blackline Map Color Coded. One says weeks 1-12 and the other says weeks 13-24.

These went with Melody’s new grammar pages. It is a wonderful resource I can keep with us, and it really has saved a ton of wear on my Foundations Guide.

New Grammar Flipbook-
User name: melodystroud
File name: Cycle 1 Flip Chart with Skip Counting – Good

I found two 4″x6″ photo albums on clearance at Target for $.30! Then printed these and put them in as if they were pictures. I put the new grammar on the top then the maps on the bottom. The photo book holds 24 pictures, so I will need a two total for the year. User “keppel” also has some flipbook files that include Bible, and are organized by subject instead of week.

Username: timjenross
File Names:
Memory Master Timeline Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master Science Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master Math Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master Latin Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master History Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master Geography Flashcards C1PDF
Memory Master English Flashcards C1PDF

These are very similar to the little color coded cards you can buy from CC for $35.

History Sentence Cards
Username: mingorn
File Name: History Cards–All Weeks

Do not put anything in the “Cycle”, and what will come up is a Word doc with a link to a dropbox file. Then you can download from there.

Latin Declension Flashcards & Handmotions
Username: TammyOostdyk
File Names:
1st Declension flashcards
2nd Declension Flashcards
latin 3rd declension flashcards
latin-4th-declension flashcards
latin-5th declension flashcards
Remembering the Declensions

These look great! Latin hits the kids hard in Chalenge A, so we will be doing some prep work! 

Latin Printables-
These can be found from Suzanne Shares. I need to check out the ones from CC Connected and these, see which we prefer. I love having choices!!

Science Grammar Hand Motions
Username: KnoxFamily
File Name: Science motions/props_4thEd.

History Print Tracing Pages
Username: aperezjordan
File Name: C1_HistoryTracingPgs

I will add these to my daughters CC notebook to complete one each week.

Geography Cards
One2One Blog- Geography Cards
So far she has weeks 1-12 for Cycle 1, last year I printed two sets, and we used them for go fish, old maid and memory. I think it helps to associate a picture with the place also, especially since cycle 1 places are so far away (time and distance!).

More Coming Soon!


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