Cursive Copywork – Exodus 20:1-17 KJV

This year the suggested Bible memory work for Classical Conversations, Cycle 1 is Exodus 20:1-17.

I stumbled upon a really nice workbook for cursive writing so I decided to buy it rather than make my own. This book was created by Trisha Gilkerson from Intoxicated On Life, she is a homeschool mom. It uses D’Nealian Cursive.

The book is set up to be used over a whole school year. Each week you will spend the first 3 days copying the passage, next day looking up definitions then you will dictate the passage to your student. This format will not quite fit Lego Man, as he is not ready for dictation. I plan on just taking our time, moving through the book, and having him practice his cursive while writing out God’s Word.

They have many other passages and several versions of the Bible. We have chosen the KJV. I purchased my copy on Amazon.

The only change I did make to the book, is I took it to Office Max and had the edge spiral bound. It cost about $5 and now the book will lay flat, which I think will make it easier to write in.

Note: The Amazon links are my affiliate links, if you use that link, I receive a small commission, Thanks!! I purchased my own copy of Write Through the Bible, and did not receive any compensation for this review.

Cycle 1 Copywork, Exodus 20:1-17, 17th Street Blessings

Interested in print copywork? Check out my free printable.

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