Classical Conversations – Math Songs

Math Songs - 17th Street Blessings - Classical ConversationsAfter two years of CC, I’ve realized that the math grammar is not ‘sticking’ with my kiddos as much as I would like. They are getting the skip counting just fine, but the rest has been hard.

Note: The math and timeline new grammar do not change from year to year, so this playlist will likely stick with us until we are done with Foundations.

So I’m combing through CC Connected to find fun songs to help that part of the memory work stick this year. Here is what I have (for now) settled on:

Week 12 – Teaspoons and Tablespoons
Username: Nicoleliem
File Title: C3 W12 Teaspoons & Tablespoons To H

Week 13 – Liquid Equivalents
Username: txmap
File Title: Math W13 -Liquid Equivalents

Week 14 – Linear Equivalents
Username: txmap
File Title: Math W14 -Linear Equivalents

Week 15 – Metric Measurements
Username: marykbry
File Title: wk 15 math – metric measurements

Week 16 – 20 -Geometry
Username: NoGreaterJoy5
File Title: AJT Cy1 Math W16 to 20 Geometry 2012

Week 21 – The Associative Law
Username: NoGreaterJoy5
File Title: AJT Cy1 Math W21 Associative Law Song 2012

Week 22 – The Commutative Law
Username: txmap
File Title: Math W22 -Commutative Law

Week 23 – The Distributive Law
Username: NoGreaterJoy5
File Title: AJT Cy1 Math W23 Distributive Law Song 2012

Week 24 – The Identity Law
Username: SBrooks
File Title: CC Cycle 2 Math W24

Note: Math is the same for all cycles, so if a file says a specific cycle, don’t worry about it. I have renamed all these files on my computer to say “Math Week X” so I can organize them in iTunes.


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