Draw and Write Through History Timeline Matchups

Draw and Write Through History - 17th Street Blessings - Timeline Matchup

Recently, my second grader started cursive, and he loves to draw. This series is a great way to encourage both, with a fun connection to our memory work with Classical Conversations! Draw and Write Through History is a book filled with lots of instructions to draw, and several copywork pages (the books are primarily drawing exercises with cursive handwriting thrown in at the end of each section, sneaky!).

This is the “Mach Up” for the Classical Conversations Timeline. The Timeline does not change, so if you bought these books, you can repeat the info each year (drill, drill, drill, very classical!).

To open the files in a printable version click here:

Timeline Draw Thru Timeline Weeks 1-24

Here are the six books in the series:

 Book 1 Creation through Jonah.

 Book 2 Greece and Rome.

 Book 3 The Vikings, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.

 Book 4 Pilgrims, Pirates, and Patriots.

 Book 5 Napoleon to Lady Liberty.

 Book 6 The 20th Century.

These are the Amazon links for the books, you do not have to buy them from Amazon, I picked mine up at a convention. Also, these are my affiliate links, so if you purchase through them, 17th Street Blessings receives a small commission, thank you!

And here it in a a list:

Week   Book Title                        Page            Timeline event


1           Creation through Jonah   5-27           Creation (pg 9), Tower of Babel (p 20), Egypt (p 27)

2          Creation through Jonah   29-24         China’s Shang Dynasty

3          Creation through Jonah   35-48        Israelite Exodus

4          —

5          Greece and Rome            5-28           Babylon Falls to Persia (p 9), Golden Age of Greece,                    Peloponnesian War, Alexander the Great (p 28)

6          Greece and Rome            44-62        Roman Empire

7          —

8          The Vikings, Middle            13-43         The Middle Ages

Ages and the Renaissance

9          The Vikings, Middle            5-12            Vikings Raid and Trade

Ages and the Renaissance

10        The Vikings, Middle            44-54        Japan’s Heian Period

Ages and the Renaissance

11          —

12         The Vikings, Middle            55-63        The Renaissance

Ages and the Renaissance


13        —

14        Pilgrims, Pirates and        5-10            Columbus Sails to the Caribbean


15        Pilgrims, Pirates and        23-34        Jamestown and Plymouth Colony Founded


16        Pilgrims, Pirates and        40-61         American Revolution


Napoleon to Lady Liberty 13-23          Lewis & Clark Expedition

17         Napoleon to Lady Liberty                     5-9     Napoleon Crowned Emperor of France

18        Napoleon to Lady Liberty 39-41          Darwin Publishes the Origin of Species, British Queen 54-57                                                                                  Victoria’s Rule Over India

19         Napoleon to Lady Liberty 43-53        Lincoln’s War Between the States

Invention, Exploration       5-12            The Progressive Era

and War

20       Invention, Exploration       20-29         World War I

and War

21         Invention, Exploration       28-47         World War II

and War

22        Invention, Exploration       48-53        Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, Missionaries to Ecuador,

and War                          54-57         Martin Luther King Jr

23       —

24       —

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