First 12 Elements Flashcards

I was looking around for some flashcards for the first 12 elements that are covered in weeks 16-18 of 12 Elements Flashcards  - 17th Street BlessingsClassical Conversations, Cycle 3. I found a close set here, but they didn’t round the atomic mass. So I printed them then changed the atomic mass number and scanned them back to a *pdf. There is a black and white version, then I got out my colored pencils and went to town and made a color version.

I also uploaded them to Classical Conversations Connected.

Here ya go! Enjoy!

First 12 Elements – B&W – 17th Street Blessings

First 12 Elements – Color – 17th Street Blessings

12 Elements Flashcards - 17th Street Blessings

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