Classical Conversations – Fine Art – Week 17

I put together an easy project for the younger ones at Classical Conversations for week 17, Fine Art. Use pencil erasers and stamp pads to fill in the super hero call outs. Have fun!

Comic Words

It is also uploaded to CC Connected, username allie8302!


First 12 Elements Crossword

I made a quick crossword puzzle for the first 12 elements. The clues are the abbreviation and atomic number. There is one with and one without a wordbank. There is an answer key last.

12 Elements Cross Word – 17th Street Blessings

Have fun!

Also check out First 12 Elements Flashcards!

First 12 Elements Flashcards

I was looking around for some flashcards for the first 12 elements that are covered in weeks 16-18 of 12 Elements Flashcards  - 17th Street BlessingsClassical Conversations, Cycle 3. I found a close set here, but they didn’t round the atomic mass. So I printed them then changed the atomic mass number and scanned them back to a *pdf. There is a black and white version, then I got out my colored pencils and went to town and made a color version.

I also uploaded them to Classical Conversations Connected.

Here ya go! Enjoy!

First 12 Elements – B&W – 17th Street Blessings

First 12 Elements – Color – 17th Street Blessings

12 Elements Flashcards - 17th Street Blessings

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