Classical Conversations Cycle 3 App

Classical Conversations - App Review - 17th Street BlessingsThere seemed to be so many questions out there about the Classical Conversations app. I thought I would do a quick YouTube clip for a review. It didn’t turn out so quick though, haha!

A few notes:

  • Cycles 1-3 are on iTunes
  • Cycle 2 is on Android. Cycle 3 is will be released soon, probably in October.
  • I paid for the app myself, and did not/will not receive any compensation from Classical Conversations. If you use my link, I will receive a small commission from iTunes. Thanks!
  • Each app (there is one for each of the 3 cycles) is $15.99.
  • The app does work on iPods & iPhones, but the maps are pretty small on the smaller devices.
  • The app info states it does not work on original iPads, but when you watch the video clip, that is on my original iPad.
  • The cycle 3 app does not have the song for the states & capitols.
  • Once you download it, you do not need wifi.
  • If you buy it in your iTunes account, you can download it to any device on that account.
  • President Trump has not been added to the app. My kids just hollar “TRUMP” at the end! Ha! I’m sure this will be one of many updates when the 5th Edition Guide is released next year.

Cycle 1 App

Cycle 2 App

Cycle 3 App

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6 responses to “Classical Conversations Cycle 3 App

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    • You could use it to do CC at home. It is the same info as the 4th Edition guide. Community day for CC is also 30 minutes of science, 30 minutes of fine arts, 30 minutes of presentation and 30 minutes of review. The fine art and science are under “Activities” in the guide each week by the new grammar. Those would not be on the app. Does that help? Hopefully I have answered your question!

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