Classical Conversations – Tin Whistle Cases
As a Classical Conversations mama, I am always looking for ways to make things go smoother, keep our materials in good shape, and help my kiddos operate on their own. This little project helps out in those areas! For the second six weeks of CC, we practice the Tin Whistle for Fine Arts. Now, it will be some years before tin whistle is ‘music to my ears’ but I am sure they will improve as they move toward sixth grade (the last year for the Foundations part of CC).

Last year we kept our whistles in a long sock in the kids backpacks, but I was worried about our $10 (each) investment getting bent up. So I headed to the hardware store and poked around until I found out that you can use a 3/4″ PVC pipe with a cap on each end to hold them beautifully.

These pipes come in a 10 ft span, and each pipe section needs to be 10″ long. So at the least I was going to have enough for 12 (but turns out the last one will be short because of what you lose when the saw blade cuts through). Well there are 60+ kids in our community, and I am not one to do things small (ha!). So 4 pipes later, here are the results. Many of the kids bought fun duct tape to decorate them with.

When I first had them made, the store cut them for me, but their machine closed down the openings a bit, then they had to use another machine to open up each end. It took forever, and they were not exactly excited to help me for 30 minutes on a $1.50 pipe. I chatted with Mr. Visionary (should have done that first!) and he said I should use his chop saw.

Tin Whistle Cases - 17th Street Blessings
For some reason I ended up doing this in the dark! I did have the light from the garage, so it is not nearly as unsafe as it looks!

Last thing, if you seal up a slobbery tin whistle in a plastic tube, they will rust. So I decided to drill a small hole in both caps to allow air to flow. It is also an option to glue one end cap to the tube, but I opted not to do that so the kids can open it at either end.

Tin Whistle Cases - 17th Street BlessingsHave fun decorating them with duct tape when they are done!

Tin Whistle Cases - 17th Street Blessings

10 ft 3/4″ PVC pipe ($1.49-2.49)
22 3/4″ caps ($.37 ea)
Chop Saw (hearing & eye protection!)
Drill with small bit
Duct Tape for decorating

Cut the pipe into ten 10″ sections. Drill hole in each cap. Assemble & decorate!

*Don’t forget to write your name on your whistle AND your case!*

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