CC Connected – Cycle 3

I have had several people ask me what I am using on CC Connected this year. I am going to keep a running list here of usernames and file names, with a brief description.

If you would like your own “Download Log” here is a *FREE* printable: CCC Download Log

To see what math songs I am using, check out this post.

Latin Flashcards for Weeks 1-8-
User name: kkillingsworth
File name: Flash Cards — Latin Vocabulary

I printed these and laminated them. We play memory with them, just run through them as flashcards, and for my youngest, I’ve been drilling them as sight words since she can’t read well yet.


New Grammar Flipbook-
User name: melodystroud
File name: C3 Memory Work Flip Book

I bought a dollar store photo album and printed these and put them in as if they were pictures. I put the new grammar on the top then the maps (next on the list) on the bottom. The photo book holds 24 pictures, so I will need a two total for the year.


New Grammar Flipbook Maps-
User name: TierneyTribe
File names: (there are 3 files) C3 flip book maps weeks1_8, C3 flip book maps weeks9_16, C3 flip book maps weeks17_24

These went with Melody’s new grammar pages. It is a wonderful resource I can keep with us, and it really has saved a ton of wear on my Foundations Guide.


Latin For Flipbook
User name: calynhauck
File name: C3 Bible Verse Latin Cards

After week 12, we will start learning all of John 1:1-7. This printable has 2 4″x6″ pages to add to the flipbook with all of the verses. 

English Grammar Verb Tenses for Weeks 5-17-
User name: suzannemosley
File name: verb-conjugations-packet C3
(Since this info is not CC only, you can also download it at Suzanne Shares, a wonderful CC blog!)

I printed these then laminated them, we haven’t really gotten to use them yet, we just started on the verb tenses.


Memory Work Weekly Worksheets-
User name: fidesformata
File name: Cy3 Memory Work Wks 1-24

Another fun thing we do is fill in these memory work worksheets. I printed the first 6 weeks to see how they would work for us and they have been great. They are easy for my 7 yr old (who needs to build his confidence) and appropriate for my school-loving 5 year old.


I purchased the CD set at Practicum, so I only downloaded a few songs from CC Connected.

User name: marykbry
I narrowd the search by specificing “Cycle 3”, “English Grammar” and for the file type “mp3”. She has songs for all 24 weeks, I just decided to use them all for simplicities sake.


Another thing I did was create 5 playlists on my iPod/iPad. One for general CC songs including all the Timeline songs, Books of the Bible, Orchestra, Presidents. Then one for each 6 weeks. Then I can just go to that playlist and hit play for that six weeks. I put them all together before we even started, and it is very nice to have these lists ready to go.

Hope this helps any other CC Mammas out there!! #WeLoveCC!