House Update – 7/30/14

I was paining the living room today and I heard a strange sound… water… running water upstairs!!! YAY! The bathroom pluming was finished up today and we have two working bathrooms! Now they need to be painted and cleaned, but the sinks, toilets and tubs work!!

Also this past weekend we had a yard sale with our former neighbors-sometimes-house-guests’s things from their house (long story!) and some things that were ours. We did pretty well and got a lot of traffic. Our old house was an amazing location for a yard sale, and this new house seems to be a pretty good spot. We are planning on having another yard sale once we move, there should be tons of more stuff to go.

17th 3

Top left is Princess’s room, it is painted pink, green and purple and she has a fun canopy bed! Top right is the kitchen, we ordered the counter tops, a double oven (YAY!!!) and dishwasher but they won’t be here for another week or two (boo!). Bottom left is the living room (don’t let all that junk fool ya, this is where the couch and TV will go!), but I wanted to share this picture because all that ugly green/teal is almost gone! And for some reason the painted all the trim the same color as the walls. It looked so goofy. So a coat or two of white will go on all the trim. Bottom right is the kid’s bathroom.

17th 4Top left is Lego Man’s room, it has turned into a play room for now since we have been painting in Princess’s room. Top right is Mr. Visionary and his uncle (the plumber) working on our bathroom. I am SO excited about our closet! Bottom left is the ceiling in the living room. It was so gross and yellow (we think the last people smoked) it just had to be painted. I got about half of it done today, hopefully I will be able to finish in tomorrow. Bottom right is the urethane we put down in the living room. The floors were so nice and clean for a while. It didn’t last. Sigh.

Saturday should start the real moving process. We have been moving a few things here and there,  but we haven’t been able to move much because of all the drywall dust and paint. We are hoping that by this weekend most/all of the painting will be done in the bedrooms, living room and dinning room. Then starts the moving. Our old house has 5 rooms, so I am hoping to move one room a day Monday-Friday then on Saturday recruit some friends to move all the leftover big stuff. That is the basic plan, we will see how it goes!


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