Home Renovation – Pinterest to the Rescue!

At our new house we have many of the original doors upstairs, but they have been painted over and over and the Easy way to remove old paint from door hardware - 17th Street Blessingshardware is coated in paint. This makes the doors hard to open and close, and to me it looks very sloppy. Also, Lego Man’s room used to be pink, and I don’t think pink hardware is something he has in mind.

So I headed over to Pinterest and pinned a few ideas to my 17th Street House board. But this is the one I decided to try.

I had all the hinges, door knob plate (is that what it is called?), pegs and screws. They were all were covered in many layers of old paint. The knobs are a beautiful clear glass, so those did not go in the pot (thankfully they do not have any paint on them).

The pin said to boil 1 quart of water with 1/4 cup of baking soda and soak the hardware for 15-20 minutes. I’m not much for measuring, so I filled up an old, old, old stockpot and dumped some baking soda in (why dirty a measuring cup!?!).

Make sure you keep an eye on it, I got distracted (by Facebook!) and the pot almost boiled over. After fifteen-ish minutes I carefully dumped everything in the sink and then I ran each piece under hot water as I did a little bit of scrubbing, most of it just peeled right off. I did a second set from a different door later that day (I’m trying to do one at a time so I don’t mix up the hardware!) and after a first run and I dumped them in the sink, the paint didn’t all come off. So I took any that were clean and set them aside then I put a fresh pot of water and baking soda and put the rest in for another fifteen minutes. Then it all came out clean!

Easy way to remove old paint from door hardware - 17th Street BlessingsI was so excited to hang Lego Man’s door back up today! It really makes his room come together, having a door!



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