PerkTV – Earn Amazon Gift Cards and More

PerkTV is a nifty way to have your device earn points that turn into gift cards for places like Amazon and Walmart.  It is an app you can download (Android or Apple) on your smart phone, iPod touch or tablet. Here is the help page, where you can see if your device will run Perk.

NOTE: One way to earn points is by helping friends sign up. So if you use my link, you will send some points my way, thank you!

So to get started click on THIS link. Once you download and install the app, and sign up for an account you will see a screen like this:

image (3)

I usually pick movie trailers, just out of habit. Then the screen will look like this:

image (4)Click play and let it “Perk” away!

When a clip has finished playing, it will count down to the next one and you will have a chance to rate the video, thumbs up or thumbs down.

image (2)You don’t have to babysit your devices, but it is a good idea to check in on them, and hit that thumbs up or down every once in a while. Perk has started a new pop up that says “Are you still watching?” and you need to click yes. Perk does not want devices running for hours and hours without any interaction (that is why it is a good idea to hit the thumbs up).

I have very little problems running this app on my iPod touch. If I notice it running a little slow, I will delete (uninstall) the app, and restart my device. Then reinstall the app, login and it will run like a champ again.

Once you have earned some points you can cash out for rewards. My favorites are the Amazon gift cards. 5,000 points is a $5 Amazon gift card and 10,000 is a $10 gift card. The reward screen looks like this:

imageOne other option to consider is switching to the low-bandwith option. The clips are not as clear, but they still look fine to me. This is supposed to help the device run smoother.

image6It is in the bottom of this screen shot, just swipe the circle over.

Another option to maximize Perk is to start a phone farm. This is a new idea to me, and there are two super helpful Facebook groups where you can learn lots (PerkTV Fanatics and Swaggernaut Social). I decided to buy two Kyocera Hydro‘s on Amazon. Right now (it may change) they are $34.98.

I bought these two Kyocera Hydro (aff link) phones and when they came I charged them up, turned them on then put them in airplane mode and manually turned on the wifi. Then I downloaded the PerkTV app and got running! I tripled my earnings! You can have up to 5 devices earning Perk at one time. They should earn about $1 a day, maybe a little less. So in five weeks tops, they will have paid me back and it will be all profit!

imageNow these Hydro’s do not earn quite as smoothly as my iPod, and I have never owned an Android device, so it might just be something I am missing. A few times a day I have to restart the app, but it is not a big deal to me. Buying more iPod Touch’s is just not cost efficient. And in less than a week I had $10 in my Amazon account and I am almost to my next cash out. I love my little phone farm! I might let it grow, since you can have up to five devices “Perking” away on one account. Do you have any experience earning money online?


House Update – 7/30/14

I was paining the living room today and I heard a strange sound… water… running water upstairs!!! YAY! The bathroom pluming was finished up today and we have two working bathrooms! Now they need to be painted and cleaned, but the sinks, toilets and tubs work!!

Also this past weekend we had a yard sale with our former neighbors-sometimes-house-guests’s things from their house (long story!) and some things that were ours. We did pretty well and got a lot of traffic. Our old house was an amazing location for a yard sale, and this new house seems to be a pretty good spot. We are planning on having another yard sale once we move, there should be tons of more stuff to go.

17th 3

Top left is Princess’s room, it is painted pink, green and purple and she has a fun canopy bed! Top right is the kitchen, we ordered the counter tops, a double oven (YAY!!!) and dishwasher but they won’t be here for another week or two (boo!). Bottom left is the living room (don’t let all that junk fool ya, this is where the couch and TV will go!), but I wanted to share this picture because all that ugly green/teal is almost gone! And for some reason the painted all the trim the same color as the walls. It looked so goofy. So a coat or two of white will go on all the trim. Bottom right is the kid’s bathroom.

17th 4Top left is Lego Man’s room, it has turned into a play room for now since we have been painting in Princess’s room. Top right is Mr. Visionary and his uncle (the plumber) working on our bathroom. I am SO excited about our closet! Bottom left is the ceiling in the living room. It was so gross and yellow (we think the last people smoked) it just had to be painted. I got about half of it done today, hopefully I will be able to finish in tomorrow. Bottom right is the urethane we put down in the living room. The floors were so nice and clean for a while. It didn’t last. Sigh.

Saturday should start the real moving process. We have been moving a few things here and there,  but we haven’t been able to move much because of all the drywall dust and paint. We are hoping that by this weekend most/all of the painting will be done in the bedrooms, living room and dinning room. Then starts the moving. Our old house has 5 rooms, so I am hoping to move one room a day Monday-Friday then on Saturday recruit some friends to move all the leftover big stuff. That is the basic plan, we will see how it goes!

Home Renovation – Pinterest to the Rescue!

At our new house we have many of the original doors upstairs, but they have been painted over and over and the Easy way to remove old paint from door hardware - 17th Street Blessingshardware is coated in paint. This makes the doors hard to open and close, and to me it looks very sloppy. Also, Lego Man’s room used to be pink, and I don’t think pink hardware is something he has in mind.

So I headed over to Pinterest and pinned a few ideas to my 17th Street House board. But this is the one I decided to try.

I had all the hinges, door knob plate (is that what it is called?), pegs and screws. They were all were covered in many layers of old paint. The knobs are a beautiful clear glass, so those did not go in the pot (thankfully they do not have any paint on them).

The pin said to boil 1 quart of water with 1/4 cup of baking soda and soak the hardware for 15-20 minutes. I’m not much for measuring, so I filled up an old, old, old stockpot and dumped some baking soda in (why dirty a measuring cup!?!).

Make sure you keep an eye on it, I got distracted (by Facebook!) and the pot almost boiled over. After fifteen-ish minutes I carefully dumped everything in the sink and then I ran each piece under hot water as I did a little bit of scrubbing, most of it just peeled right off. I did a second set from a different door later that day (I’m trying to do one at a time so I don’t mix up the hardware!) and after a first run and I dumped them in the sink, the paint didn’t all come off. So I took any that were clean and set them aside then I put a fresh pot of water and baking soda and put the rest in for another fifteen minutes. Then it all came out clean!

Easy way to remove old paint from door hardware - 17th Street BlessingsI was so excited to hang Lego Man’s door back up today! It really makes his room come together, having a door!


House Progress

Everything has just been crazy the past few weeks, Mr. Visionary gave this blog address to a friend who isn’t on Facebook and doesn’t see my pictures, and then I didn’t update for almost two weeks! Whoops! Sorry friend! Here are more pictures of the house!!

17th 1

Some MAJOR progress has been made! All the destruction is done, finally. There were so many walls and ceilings to tear out and it was such a mess, it was getting frustrating and disheartening that every time we thought we were done, something else had to come out. Then Mr. Visionary got the new walls in the bathroom and our master closet. Mr. Missionary’s brother (Mr. Steady) did a ton of drywall including the living room (yea bye-bye to the ugly brick!) front room ceiling, Princess’s ceiling, and the kitchen.

We also had a new roof put on, and thankfully it was a few cooler days, in the mid 70s, and even then it looked so hot up there. While we were at VBS Mr. Visionary’s uncle, who is a master plumber came and put the rough plumbing in for the two new bathrooms and the kitchen. Then this week a friend of a friend who is an electrician came and put in new outlets, ceiling lights and other things for the kitchen and new bathrooms.

Tomorrow Mr. Visionary and Mr. Steady will put in all or most of the cabinets in the kitchen. I can’t wait and I am already planning where stuff will go! Monday we plan to go get the counter-top ordered, and pick out sinks for the bathrooms. Also my friend and I are sharing the driving to take our kids to the VBS for a church that our church planted down in Dover (about a half hour away) so I will have Monday and at least one other day this week kid-free so we can really bust out what needs to be done.

My short list (as soon as Mr. Steady finishes the sanding for the drywall) is to clean up the carpet/tac strips in the master bedroom, clean and paint Princess’s room, urethane the floors in both rooms and the hallway and start painting the hallway. When that gets done the dinning room should be pretty empty (it has held all the cabinets and tools) and that will need cleaned. There is a full bath in the dinning room and we are planning on ripping that out later and putting a front door at one of the dinning room windows, so we are not doing  much in there other than cleaning. The red color it is will do for now.

Several people came and helped today, and it was such a blessing, many hands make light work! 🙂

I didn’t do a “Thankful Thursday” post this week, and I do have much to be thankful for! One (slightly trivial) thing is- there was almost NO wallpaper to take down! I have friends who have slaved over walls scraping down old wallpaper and we didn’t have to do any of that.

Cow Appreciation Day

This Friday is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A! If you dress up like a cow you will receive a free meal, and for a partial costume a free entree. If you head over to Chick-fil-A’s website you will find all the details, including a FREE printable costume!

Here are some pictures of my kids over the years, we have only missed one since 2008. My daughter will get one more year out of that cow print dress (it just keeps getting shorter and shorter, now it is pretty much a long shirt!) and we will pass it along to some other cow appreciating folk.

17th ST Chick Fil A

Draw Write Now! Matchups for Classical Conversations Cycle 3

Draw Write Now! Cycle 3 Matchups - 17th Street BlessingsIf you are a part of Classical Conversations, here is a fun add-on you can do at home with your kids!

This is no required for Classical Conversations, but my kids enjoy the books, so here we go!

First you need to buy the books (or borrow them from your library if available). To match up with Cycle 3 you need books 2, 3 and 5. The books do NOT build on each other (so you can do any book in any order) and they are only printing (no cursive) so I think they will be best for younger learners, probably 3rd grade and down.

 This is book one.

 This is book two.

This is book three.

This is book four.

This is book five.

This is book six.

This is book seven.

This is book eight.

These are the Amazon links for the books, you do not have to buy them from Amazon, I picked mine up at a convention. Also, these are my affiliate links, so if you purchase through them, 17th Street Blessings receives a small commission, thank you!

To open the match ups in Adobe click here:

DWN CC C3 W1-12

DWN CC C3 W13-24

And here it in a a list:
*the # is the book number

For History:

Week 1:
#2         p 10       Columbus
#2         p 12       Sailing West
#2         p 14       The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria

Week  2:
#3         p 50      The Pilgrims in England
#3         p 54      Sailing to America
#3         p 56      Plymouth

Week 3:
#5         p 28      New Nation

Week 4:
#5         p 15       United We Stand

Week 5:
#5         p 12       We the People

Week 6:
#5         p 33       Louisiana Territory
#5         p 30      The Frontier

Week 7: none

Week 8: none

Week 9: none

Week 10: none

Week 11:
#5         p 16       Divided We Fall

Week 12: none

Week 13:
#5         p 23      For All

Week 14:
#5         p 50      Railroads
#5         p 52      Roadways
#5         p 54      Flight

Week 15: none

Week 16: none

Week 17: none

Week 18: none

Week 19:
#5         p 48      Trails

Week 20: none

Week 21:
#5         p 56      Space Travel

Week 22:
#5         p 10       Flag

Week 23:
#5         p 20      Justice

Week 24:
#5         p 18       Liberty

For Geography:

Weeks 1-10:
#5         p 41       The USA

Week 8:
#5         p 35       Texas

Week 10:
#5         p 37       Oregon Territory

Weeks 17-18:
#5         p 47       The Waterways

Week 19:
#5         p 49      Trails

Draw Write Now! Cycle 3 Matchups - 17th Street BlessingsCan be found at : Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood Link Up
Half A Hundred Acre Wood Link Up Week 2
Half A Hundred Acre Wood Link Up Week 3
Half A Hundred Acre Wood Link Up Week 4
Half A Hundred Acre Wood Link Up Week 5
Half A Hundred Acre Wood Link Up Week 6

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Thankful Thursday

Things I am thankful for on this Thursday:


  • My God
  • Mr. Visionary
  • Lego Man & Princess

Specific to this week-

  • No (major) injuries during the continuing remodel of our new home
  • The kid’s spontaneous review of Classical Conversations material, because they really enjoy it, they don’t even realize they are learning.
  • Friends & family who have helped out at the house or watched my kiddos so we can get work done.
  • Mr. Visionary’s spontaneous compliment about how our 3rd St home has continued to stay clean and picked up despite all the chaos.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV) In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.