Parent Hack for Vacations

My mom sent me this idea a few years ago and it has been just so helpful! I have a 6 year old boy and 4 year old girl. We like to travel, and usually make it to the beach once a year, and occasionally we get to go in my Grandma’s RV.

It is very simple, before vacation head out to buy some generic zip top bags. Then you can put one day of clothes for each kiddo in each bag (one bag for each day, unless you are going to do laundry on your trip and re-load the bags).  We are headed to Virgina to see my brother and his family for Thanksgiving, so my kids each put out a stack of clothes to travel down in, then I helped them load four bags, each one with a shirt, pants, underwear and socks. If you have fancy girls, you can even add in headbands and other accessories (my girlie runs with the boys to much to care about fancy things!).

Pic 1I had each of them make four stacks, then we loaded up the bags.

Pic 2Then (since it is a short trip) all the bags went into a shared suitcase. The only thing loose is the jammies. Now when we are on vacation each morning the kids will each grab a bag and get dressed! It makes packing and getting dressed on vacation so much easier!

Pic 3As you can see, the only one that got folded nice was the one I took pictures of. Hopefully my son won’t mind you all seeing his Sponge-Bob undies and mis-matched superhero socks.

See you next week when we get back!

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